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Start generating more passive income in less than 6hrs a week with profitable rental properties.

What would you do with an extra $500 per month? What about an extra $5K per month? Whatever it is, you can create the future you want when you unleash the potential of passive income with expert tips to jumpstart your real estate investing journey.

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Buying rental properties doesn't have to be confusing and overwhelming

I'll show what you need to get started, the exact process you should follow to be successful, and the tools you will need to earn larger profits more efficiently, so you can buy the fewest number of properties that will help you reach your financial and lifestyle goals.

Hi, I’m Maiki

I believe that even one additional stream of income can catalyze a life of abundance.

I became a licensed Realtor and real estate investor while working full-time, and I was initially completely anxious and overwhelmed with a busy schedule. But I also knew the potential to generate passive income with real estate, without needing a bunch of capital to get started, so I was motivated to figure out how to make real estate investing work for me without spending a lot of time or dealing with unnecessary stress.

Coming from a management and tech background, I had the skills and perspectives to know exactly how I wanted to approach running investments efficiently.

When I looked back and realized that in 2022 I was able to generate $147K of profit with less than 4 hours of work per week, I was confident I had a system that worked.

I want to help other busy individuals who want more financial freedom and options in their lifestyle. I’m so excited to teach everything a new investor needs to know about real estate investing, including how to find profitable properties, negotiate favorable terms, reduce risk and prevent costly mistakes, find quality tenants, and generate passive income with less stress and in less time.

Ultimately, real estate is a means towards more financial security and lifestyle flexibility, so it’s so important for anyone getting started to invest as efficiently as possible to preserve their time and be able to do what they love while their investments work on autopilot.

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Pick Your Starting Point

Whether you’re a brand new to the world of real estate or have already spent hours on YouTube and need something more tactical, there’s something here for you. These course are meant to meet you where you are on your journey.

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Phase 1

Build Your Foundation and Mitigate Risk

  • Get motivated by your why
  • Lean into a business mindset
  • Learn fundamental principles used by multimillion dollar real estate companies that will work for you too
  • Demystify how money is actually made in real estate
  • Understand how to mitigate key risks and challenges
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Phase 2

Find Growing, Profitable Markets and Analyze Deals (includes Rental Property Calculator!)

  • Learn how to find the best neighborhoods to invest in, even in a saturated market
  • Follow along on case studies to discover the data sources that will help you find new markets with long-term potential
  • Use ready-made tools, and calculators to take advantage of profitable investment opportunities near and far (in your neighborhood and out of state)
  • Get trained on how to “run the numbers” and evaluate a property
  • Receive a new perspective on how to interpret the results of any deal analysis
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Phase 3

Get Financing/Other People’s Money and Negotiate Strong Offers

  • Learn the secret to making your money work harder for you
  • Discover ways to put little to no-money down on multi-family properties
  • Prepare to qualify for financing
  • Understand the impact of changes in the economy and interest rates on your money
  • Put together winning offers
  • Walk through the steps to go from offer to closing on your target properties
  • Receive a proven blueprint for conducting due diligence to minimize risk
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Phase 4

Self-Manage Properties Efficiently or Find the Right People to Do it For You

  • Get properties rent ready to start cash flowing asap
  • Learn how to identify good tenants and minimize potential issues
  • Systematize tenant screening and management with free and paid tools
  • Determine what makes a landlord-friendly marketrates on your money
  • Apply a vetting framework and process to find and hire the right, effective team
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MOST POPULAR: The Rental Property Playbook bundle

Get on an actionable path to buy rental properties.

  • Build Your Foundation and Learn to Mitigate Investing Risks ($99)
  • Find Growing, Profitable Markets and Analyze Deals ($199)
  • Get Financing/Other People’s Money and Negotiate Strong Offers ($199)
  • Self-Manage Properties Efficiently or Find the Right People to Do it For You ($99)

*SPECIAL BONUS: How to build business credit to fund your investing ($99)

*SPECIAL BONUS: How to read markets and adjust investing strategy to invest in any market condition ($99)

Total standard price: $800 ($2,599 value)
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Take control of your financial future, setting the stage for long-term security and growth, with less anxiety.


Design a life where you can have more options on if/what work you do and how you spend your time, knowing you have other means of income


Enjoy the tangible and intangible rewards that your decisions to generate passive income and wealth over time will give you.
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