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We'll help match you with investment opportunities that meet your goals and budget. 

Equity Investor

Equity partners provide capital and in return get partial ownership of the investment. You can put your capital to work in efficient investments, and as the property becomes more profitable you earn more too - without having to do any work. That's why ownership matters! 

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Debt Investor

Debt investors lend money and get paid back with interest over time. You effectively provide a loan for a set term and at a fixed interest rate. Debt partners do not get to receive profits from the investment, but you still get to earn passive income without having to do any of the work!

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Benefits of a Limited Partnership

If you've taken our courses on how to invest and decide that doing it on your own is still too much work, the more passive limited partnership model may be for you. 

It's easier than you think.

You give the capital and we do the work to generate your passive income. Besides being far less time intensive, here are some other reasons someone would want to become a limited partner in a real estate investment:
  • Access to potentially high returns 
  • Diversification of assets 
  • Professional management of investments 
  • Lower taxes through deductions and other benefits
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